Learning to Pray the Scriptures


Many have been taught to read the Bible but not to pray the Bible. Learning to pray the Scriptures offers a time-tested, easy-to-follow approach that opens new doors to spiritual growth.

This seven page eBook is formatted as a .pdf file for immediate download.

Price: $3.97

Coaching and Spiritual Direction Services


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Songs for a Savior

This book will connect the stories of biblical personalities with your story.  Through the structure of five Advent and Christmas messages and worship resources, readers are invited to hear again the truly Good News -- that our song of faith is not so much what we create for God but how we respond to God's gift of salvation in Jesus Christ.

This 65 page ebook is formatted as a .pdf file for immediate download.

Price: $7.97

Growing in Prayer: Personality Influenced Prayer Styles


This is a practical guide for assisting people to find and experience a way of prayer that works for them using the four functions of personality: Sensing, Intuition, Thinking and Feeling.

This 16 page guide is in .pdf format for immediate download.

Price: $5.97

Gifts We Bring to Honor the King


Here is a unique Advent/Christmas sermon and worship resource for pastors, families, and small group devotions.  Instead of the reader being passive, they are invited to bring items or attitudes which will enrich the celebration of this holy season.  By doing so people are actively engaged in the drama of worship as were the Wise Men who brought gifts to honor Jesus.

This 84 page eBook is formatted as a .pdf file for immediate download.

Price: $7.97